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Warn Michiko of Bruno's intentions (succeeded)

First Appearance

The Rain that Falls in Monotone (Only appearance)

Voiced by

Gara Takashima
Anastasia Muñoz (English)

Anastácia is Bruno's wife and a hairdresser in a rural river settlement.


The Rain that Falls in Monotone[]

At one point in her life Anastácia married Bruno and the two adquired their own beauty salon were she works as he hairdresser. Sometime in their marriage Bruno started pursuing affairs with any woman he could find and even though Anastácia was aware of this she was confident that her husband would never leave her so she allowed it to continue and the two haven't fought in years yet she claims that they are still close.

After a small talk with Hatchin, who let Anastácia know that she was aware of her husband's affair with Michiko, Anastácia went to Michiko and Hatchin's hotel room to confront Michiko, not without first giving her sandals for Hatchin after Anastácia noticed that the young girl didn't have any shoes back at the salon. Anastácia warns Michiko that Bruno has no intentions of running off with the latter since he is a womanizer and will lose interest in Michiko just like he did with Anastácia, she describes her husband as someone who "believes that he is a fish who likes swimming around wherever he wants but what he really likes is for [Anastácia] to scoop him up in [her] net" and leaves after asking Michiko what does she see in Bruno.

After that, Michiko gets drunk to cope with what she had just heard and so Michiko and Hatchin resumed their search for Hiroshi.

Appearance and Personality[]

Anastácia is a beautiful woman with shoulder lenght blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She seems to have bags under her eyes. She has a bit of an accent and usually has a sad expression on her face.


  • Anastácia shares her name with her (english) voice actress.
  • Anastácia and Michiko are quite similar as they both seem to like fashion, both dress in provocative outfits, both smoke and both are/were in love with men who seem kind at first but turn out to be womanizers who don't care about their partners.