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Managed to arrest Michiko Malandro

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Run As You Are

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Maki Sakai (Japanese)
Sametria Ewunes (English)

Atsuko Jackson (アツコ・ジャキソン) is an Afro-Diamandran policewoman who lived in the same orphanage as Michiko Malandro, who seems to have a score to settle with her. She is now an outlaw vigilante and was the one responsible for Michiko's arrest twelve years before the main plot. Michiko likes to call her "Jambo" (a Portuguese Brazilian slang word that refers to a dark-skinned or brown-skinned person), in order to make her angry. She seems to have mixed feelings for Michiko and is sometimes seen helping her out of a bad situation while still trying to bring her in.


Early life[]

Atsuko lived in the same orphanage as Michiko Malandro and they would usually help each other out. As a child, Atsuko is seen helping Michiko get a money box on a high shelf in the head's room.

A flashback from episode 13 shows Michiko and her as teens on a rooftop. As it rains, Michiko tells Atsuko that every one is back at home waiting for presents (food) and as “elders” they must get it (steal). Atsuko gets caught and the distracted clerk is too late to stop Michiko from stealing a bag of food. As Michiko is about to leave she sees Atsuko on the ground hurt, so she kicks a food shelf to get the clerks attention. The owner then runs after her, and leaves Atsuko to run away. They meet up later, and Michiko is pretty happy while Atsuko feels useless. Later she smiles along with Michiko as she realizes the rain has stopped.

Chasing down Michiko Malandro[]

After Michiko escaped the country of Diamandra, Atsuko set out to pursue and arrest Michiko Malandro many times, where she would end up either failing or helping her escape out of guilt.

The Brown Sugar Outlaw[]

Michiko tricks Atsuko and gets her gun when they are surrounded by the police. Michiko ties Atsuko up and rides away with Hana "Hatchin" Morenos. She tells the officer to get them, and leaves her behind. Despite being tied up, Atsuko was able to get on her feet, but Michiko had already gotten away, leaving Atsuko to scream out Michiko's name in anger.

The Carnival of Hyenas[]

After Michiko Malandro is beaten up by Shinsuke Saci Rodriguez and she is then delivered to Satoshi Batista's hide out, Atsuko promises Satoshi money for Michiko. After she hands over the money, Ricardo pulls out his gun along with the other hidden police officers, having planned to capture Michiko without Atsuko's knowledge. Satoshi runs back into the house, but Michiko is gone. Full of rage he runs out the back door into the corn fields. As the police look for him, Atsuko, who has a bow and arrow, finds Michiko down on the ground hurt with her unloaded gun. Michiko asks her to let her go. Atsuko then talks about how her head is on the line for capturing her. But after a few moments, she lets her go.

Goldfish of the Marsh[]

Atsuko is stripped of her police duties due to the events in Episode 10. At the end, she notices an article in the newspaper, about a man that is growing amazing tomatoes and that his name is Rock Morena, who looks almost like Hiroshi Morenos. She later tells Ricardo, who followed her to her demoted position that he will get his promotion in the “City of Tomatoes"

Etude of Crimson Inconstancy[]

Michiko Malandro also notices the picture in the paper and travels to the “City of Tomatoes” as well. As Michiko begins to walk under the no passing bar, a guard stops her and says that outsiders are not allowed. After being jabbed in the shoulder again by the guard's baton, she kicks him in the groin and runs, leaving Hana "Hatchin" Morenos behind as she continues to punch guards to get inside. After being captured by the guards, Michiko finds out Hiroshi is not there. The chief then talked to them about her relationship with Hiroshi. Michiko gets mad at her for that, and as she is about to hurt her the chief kisses her, saying she is cute. Moments later, Atsuko shows up. As Michiko and Hatchin are about to leave, the chief tells them where Hiroshi might be. Atsuko runs around the building trying to catch her but they end up getting away with the help of the chief. Later Atsuko went to the chief to asks questions, and the chief sold Michiko out by saying where they were heading next.

The Fool's Ballistic Samba[]

Atsuko is right outside the run-down hotel room Michiko is sleeping in, but doesn’t go inside and arrest her, because she hears on her walkie-talkie that a young girl was hit by a car and ran away. Knowing it was Hana "Hatchin" Morenos, she looks for her and eventually finds her in an alley. However she decides to listen to what Hatchin has to say and then lets her go.

Nettlesome Light-blocking Butterfly[]

Michiko Malandro and Hana "Hatchin" Morenos get on board a train to travel to Goinia to find Hiroshi Morenos, but unknown to them, Satoshi Batista and Atsuko are also on the train. In the end the train crashes and Satoshi kidnaps Hatchin. Michiko gets into a fight with Atsuko, who's angry for the hell she’s been through trying to chase Michiko down. She lets her get away again to retrieve Hana, but both of them are crying, and Atsuko wishes that she had never met Michiko.

Run As You Are[]

The local police fail to arrest Michiko Malandro so she and Hana "Hatchin" Morenos then try to escape the pursue, but they are stopped by Atsuko and Ricardo. Atsuko lets them go again because Michiko struck a deal with her, where if she leave Hana and Hiroshi Morenos alone, she would turn herself in after that. Hence, both Michiko and Hatchin depart to look for Hiroshi, and eventually finds him at the end of the platform of the train station. Later, Michiko turns herself in and Hatchin is left in Hiroshi's care.

Appearance and Personality[]

Atsuko is a tall slender woman with dark brown skin. Her hair is naturally a very light blonde and is usually styled in an afro. In terms of style, Atsuko's fashion varies throughout the show. While she's working, she dresses modestly, though there are moments when we see Atsuko dress similarly to Michiko and show off ample amounts of skin.

Atsuko talking to Michiko after showing her a baby picture of Hana

As a policewoman, Atsuko is very strong willed, which can come off as her being very cold. She has a good conscience, which oftentimes is the reason for Michiko's constant police evasions.


  • The name Atsuko means "warm" (温), "deep, true, sincere" (篤) or "honest" (敦) (atsu) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Atsuko's surname Jackson means "son of Jack" in English and Scottish.
  • Atsuko's fashion, personality, and character design suggests she was modeled after Foxy Brown, the 70s movie icon who is known for her sexy nature whilst battling criminals.