Michiko to Hatchin Wiki


Atsuko and Ricardo follow Michiko's trail and try to find out where she's heading next. Meanwhile, her and Hatchin get into yet another argument and Hatchin finally snaps at Michiko, finally telling her that she's impulsively violent. The two seemingly make up and head to a hotel.

Michiko then continues with her plan to see Satoshi, but unbeknownst to her there is a faker named Davi pretending to be him. Davi takes great advantage of being Satoshi and uses the name to get what he wants, only to have Satoshi's right-hand man Shinsuke Saci Rodriguez watching the whole ordeal.

Later, Hatchin spots Davi and let's Michiko know about it. Michiko heads the the hotel Davi is staying at and beats him and his goons savagely, realizing that he's a fake. Later, one of Davi's friends is shot and Shinsuke calls the hotel and tells threatens Davi, who hangs up. Michiko then takes the phone and Shinsuke makes her and Davi play a game where they hop from trolley to trolley until they reach Shinsuke. Fearing she may not come back alive, Michiko writes a letter to Hatchin, who takes off. One by one, Davi's friends are shot down and Michiko spots Hatchin on another trolley (though she doesn't seem sure it's her). As Michiko and Davi reach the train depot, Shinsuke shoots at Davi and grazes his cheek and then tells him to leave as Hatchin heads to an unknown destination.