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The Circo de Chocolate was a brazilian circus led by Nuno and Michiko Menezes which secretly sold children into slavery.


Ten years before the series took place Gino Costa found a newborn baby girl at the circus' Big Top's entrance. The circus kept her, named her Rita Ozzetti and raised her to be their acrobat.

The Circo de Chocolate was like any other circus until the circusfolk, or at least the managers, started selling homeless children who tried to join the circus by doing chores instead of performing so whenever a child with no circus talent showed up Nuno made them do chores for a while until he found a customer who could buy them and sold them into slavery. When Hana "Hatchin" Morenos decided to join the circus to be with Rita, whom Hatchin had befriended in the town of Perna, Nuno had her do many chores a day and constantly hit her with his mop until he and Michiko Menezes managed to find someone interested in buying her and some other kids until Michiko Malandro came to rescue her right before the criminals could leave with the children in a hot air balloon while Hatchin managed to rescue all the other kids. Michiko and Hatchin then jumped into the sea just before the balloon was struck by a thunder, leaving Nuno and Michiko Menezes cornered by the police and arrested.

After that, the police surrounded the circus and some officers were seen talking with the rescued children while Nuno, a sobbing Michiko Menezes and their unnamed accomplice were shown being taken away by the police and the circus was presumably closed down. Meanwhile, Rita runs up to Hatchin, who had just awaken at the beach alongside Michiko, to say goodbye as she had to leave but promised that she and Hatchin could see each other again. It is unknown if they ever did.


  • The Circo De Chocolate was most likely called that because nearly all it's crew were dark-skinned.
  • It is unknown if all the circus troupe was aware of their ringleaders selling children as neither Gino nor Rita seemed to know
    • It is likely that Rita was not chosen to be sold due to her having actual circus talent.