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Fulio Morenos




Hair color


Eye color

Dark Grey

Family members

Hana Morenos




Reunited with her surrogate grandmother Michiko

First Appearance

Run As You Are (Only appearance)

Fulio Morenos is the infant son of Hana Morenos. He lives with his mother in Perola, at least until Michiko and Hatchin reunited.


Fulio was born sometime after his grandfather Hiroshi abandoned his mother, Hana, who became pregnant with Julio when she was around sixteen or seventeen. When Hana and Julio's father broke up after three months she had to raise Fulio on her own.

Hana settled down with Fulio in a small apartment at the seaside town of Perola and Hana spent her very few days off with him, making sure to take good care of him. Fulio lived with his mother until Michiko was released from prison or escaped again and her and Hana reunited.

As they hugged, Hana asked "How far will we go this time?", meaning that Fulio will possibly travel with his mother and Michiko around the country.


Fulio has short light brown hair, tan skin and dark gray eyes like his mother. He also has at least three teeth. He seems to be at least a few months old since he apparently can crawl although he is never seen walking and has very few teeth.


Hana - He is shown to be very playful, but sometimes ends up becoming too feisty for her liking (Hana admits that this is a personality trait that reminds her of 'someone she knows', most likely referring to Michiko) but Hana still loves her son very much and takes good care of him.


  • His name is confirmed to be Fulio in the postcard Hana tries to send Michiko.
  • He is the only known Morenos to not have L.B.D.D. tattoo.
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