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Gabriel Belenbauza Yamada is the son of Pedro Belenbauza Yamada and Joanna Belenbauza Yamada, the younger brother of Maria Belenbauza Yamada, and the adoptive younger brother of Hatchin. In the episode one, he tortures Hana and treats her as if she isn't even human, that is until Hana stood up for herself.

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Gabriel is a child slightly younger than Hatchin with brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin. Like his parents and sister he wears glasses and old fashioned clothes such as shorts with suspenders.

Gabriel is a rude, spoiled, gluttonous, lazy and abusive child. He mercilessly bullied his adoptive sister, forced her to do his chores and often did things that would've hurt or even killed her such as choking her. He also has bad table manners. He behaves slightly better in front of visits.

Despite his mean nature he appeared to love his pet cat Blanco very much and was very angry when Blanco was thrown out and set out to punish Hatchin, who he believed was responsible of Blanco's dissapearance, unaware that his mother forced Hatchin to get rid of it. He was never shown to be mean to Maria, his real sister.

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