Gino Costa was an acrobat performer in the circus. He was Rita's partner until he left the circus to be with his pregnant girlfriend, Natalie.

He is voiced by Masami Iwasaki (Japanese Version) and J. Michael Tatum (English Version).

Appearance Edit

Gino is a handsome tanned-skin young man with long light brown hair that covers his right eye and light brown eyes.

History Edit

Little is known about Gino's past except that he apparently worked at the Circo De Chocolate since he was a child. When a newborn Rita was abandoned at the entrance of the circus' Big Top Gino was the first one to see her. When Rita became the circus' acrobat, Gino became her performing partner. Rita eventually developed feelings for Gino and often flirted with a lot of boys and possibly men to get his attention but to no avail.

When the circus arrived to the town of Perna, Gino became romantically involved with a waitress named Natalia. When Natalia became pregnant Gino decided to leave the circus to be with her and raise their child together. Rita, frustrated that Gino wouldn't pay attention to her, became hostile towards him while Hatchin, unaware that Rita was listening, asked Gino to look out for her and told him about Rita's crush on him. Gino was unconcerned about that and reassured Hatchin that Rita will meet a lot of men in her life and find the one that is perfect for her and that she would become a good woman.

The night before the circus leaves Gino and Rita perform together one last time. When the act is over, Rita smiles at him to let him know she is no longer angry at him and he smiles back. Gino is last seen walking away from the circus with Natalia.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown whether he was aware that his circus troupe sold children, although this may have started once he left the circus.
  • Gino's last name is sometimes changed to Costando.