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Joanna Belenbauza Yamada


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  • Use Hana as a servant (formerly)
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Farewell, Cruel Paradise

Joanna Belenbauza Yamada is the wife of Pedro Belenbauza Yamada, the mother of Maria Belenbauza Yamada and Gabriel Belenbauza Yamada and was once Hatchin's abusive foster mother.


Joanna and her husband Pedro took Hana in when she was a baby just to get child support and treated her like a slave, forcing her to do every single chore in the house while they spoiled their biological children and apparently had no problem with them bullying Hana. At one point her younger son Gabriel adopted a stray cat and named it Blanco, much to Joanna's chagrin.

Appearance and Personality[]

Joanna is a thin woman with a long face and blond hair tied in a bun. Like her husband and children she wears glasses and dresses in outdated clothes.

She is a mean, selfish, abusive woman who cares very little about others. She spoils her children rotten although she also doesn't seem very caring of them as shown when she decided to get rid of Blanco just because she didn't like it, knowing that her children loved the cat very much and lied when Gabriel asked where it was, telling him that it was Hatchin who took Blanco outside so that he wouldn't cause Joanna trouble.


  • It is unknown if she or her husband ever faced any consequences for the way they treated Hana.