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Lulu Lima is the younger sister of Pepe Lima. Lulu and Pepe target Michiko and Hatchin for their fake I.Ds in order to travel to the city of Sao Paraiso.

History Edit

According to Pepe Lima, the Lima sisters were born into a rich family and lived a fairytale life until the tragic death of their father left the family in debt and without warning they were tossed out of their luxury lifestyle into the favelas presumably by their mother. Pepe then started working a stripper to support herself and Lulu while Lulu did her best to help her older sister in any way she could.

Stray Cat Milky Way Edit

Lulu is first seen when she stays up late for Pepe to come back from work and greets her with a smile. The next day, Lulu and Pepe have lunch at the restaurant where Hatchin works. Pepe has Hatchin wrap up their leftover food while she tells her that she knows Hiroshi and says she will tell them about him if they come to her birthday party at Rumba's where she works before Lulu and Pepe flee the restaurant with their leftover food without paying.

After the birthday of Pepe Lima, Lulu sneaks into Michiko and Hatchin's apartment to obtain I.D's with no success. Without any patience left Pepe hatches a plan to steal her cut of Rico's money. A while afterwards Pepe forgets a photo of Lulu for the I.D, Lulu runs to get it and is never seen again, although it's implied that Rico's children henchmen caught and killed her.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Lulu is a girl of around 8-12 years of age. She has long, curly light brown hair, blue eyes and tan skin. She is short in stature and has a chubby frame. She has small, almond shaped eyes, an upturned nose and frackles.

She and her sister often wear matching outfits and always has her hair done in several braids, sometimes decorating them with round hair ornaments. Despite being overweight she can run fast and has impressive acrobatic skills.

Lulu is portrayed as shy and soft-spoken but can be brave when the situation calls for it. Lulu shows an incredible amount of loyalty to her sister Pepe, this includes helping her sister search for the I.Ds and helping in the infamous robbery of Rico.

Death Edit

Lulu is last seen when Michiko drives past her in her motorcycle. By that point Lulu is found by three of Rico's henchmen and does her best to out run them although she was getting exhausted. Since she never went back to Pepe in can be assumed she was caught and killed by Rico's henchmen.

Trivia Edit

  • She takes after her father in appearance.
  • She liked chinese food.

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