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Lulu Lima




Hair color

Light Brown

Eye color


Family members
  • Unnamed Father (deceased)
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Pepe Lima (older sister; deceased)

Pepe Lima




Leave the favela and move to Sao Paraiso


Killed by Rico's henchmen

First Appearance

Stray Cat's Milky Way (Only appearance)

Voiced by

Brittney Karbowski and Megumi Yamaguchi

Lulu Lima is the younger sister of Pepe Lima as well as her accomplice. She was abandoned along with her elder sister following the death of their father, forcing them to live in the favelas and do whatever it takes to survive.


Early life[]

Lulu was born much later than her older sister Pepe into a rich family and it is implied that the sisters were very close. According to Pepe, the Lima sisters were born lived "a fairytale life" until their father died of unknown reasons when she was still very young, leaving the family in debt and without warning Lulu and Pepe were tossed out of their luxury lifestyle and into the favelas, presumably by their mother.

Pepe then started working as a stripper to support herself and Lulu while the latter did her best to help her older sister in any way she could. Pepe tried to keep her sheltered from the nastier elements of their environment since nobody knew who Lulu was. However, since Pepe didn't earn enough money (due to Pepe's boss Rico keeping most of it for himself) she had to teach Lulu to steal and dine-and-dash in order for them to survive.

Stray Cat Milky Way[]

Lulu is first seen when she stays up late to wait for Pepe to come back from work and greets her with a smile. The next day, Lulu and Pepe have lunch at the restaurant where Hatchin works. Pepe has Hatchin wrap up their leftover food while she tells her that she knows Hiroshi and says she will tell them about him if they come to her birthday party at Rumba's where she works before Pepe creates a distracts Hatchin and her boss while Lulu flees with their leftover food without paying.

After the "birthday party" of Pepe Lima at Rumba's is over, Lulu patiently waits while Pepe challenges Michiko to a drinking contest so that Lulu can sneak into Michiko and Hatchin's apartment to obtain their I.D's so that Pepe and Lulu can leave the favela and move to Sao Paraiso. Lulu manages to steal their bag only to find that they had no I.D.'s. Lulu apolgizes to her sister but Pepe comforts her and, without any patience left, Pepe hatches a plan to steal Rico's money. A while afterwards Pepe remembers that she forgot a photo of Lulu that she wanted to use for the latter's I.D.. Lulu runs back to their place to get it and is never seen again.


Rico orders his many child henchmen to kill both Pepe and Lulu for robbing him of all "his" money. Lulu is last seen when Michiko drives past her in her motorcycle with Lulu being chased by some of Rico's henchmen and she does her best to out run them although she was visibly exhausted. Since Lulu never went back to Pepe it can be assumed that Rico's henchmen eventually caught and killed her.

Appearance and Personality[]

Lulu is a little girl of around 8-10 years. She has long, curly light brown hair and tan skin. She is short and stout in stature with small, almond-shaped blue eyes, an upturned nose and freckles.

She always has her hair done in many braids, reminiscent of early 2000s hairstyles, sometimes decorating them with big yellow and orange beaded hair ties/knocker beads ties of different sizes. Lulu and her sister often wear matching outfits.

Unlike Pepe, Lulu is portrayed as shy and soft-spoken but can be brave when the situation calls for it, and shows her athletic skills through her running and acrobatics. Lulu shows an incredible amount of loyalty to her sister Pepe, this includes helping her sister search for the I.D.'s and helping in the infamous robbery of Rico.


  • LuLu refers to herself in third person.
  • LuLu likes Chinese food.
  • As pointed out by Michiko, Lulu and Pepe bore little to no physical resemblance to each other despite being sisters.
    • Pepe and Lulu were also complete opposites in terms of personality.
  • LuLu takes after their father in appearance while Pepe takes (mostly) after their mother. The only physical traits the Lima sisters share are the tan skin and blue eyes.
  • Lulu is similar to Hatchin, as both had one of their parents die and the other abandon them, both were willing to risk their lives for their guardians, both liked to be called by their nicknames instead of their actual names, and both were shy and introverted. Although Hana managed to outgrow that.
  • Lulu is the first character to die in the series, with her sister Pepe being the second one.
    • She is the first child to die in the series (assuming the children who chased her shot her on-sight as they did to Pepe, and if Satoshi did actually kill the son of the former mob boss of Monstro)