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To get Rita Ozzetti to love him

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Chocolate Girl In Love

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Starting Line Downpour

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Yuto Uemura

Massan is a young boy who ran away from home to follow the traveling circus "Circo De Chocolate" to see a young acrobat girl named Rita, whom Massan who had a huge crush on.


Massan was apparently one of the boys Rita flirted with to get Gino's attention but Massan ended up developing feelings for her and once the Circo De Chocolate left his hometown, Massan ran away from home and followed them on his bike, camping at the desert while living off canned beef to see Rita again but she didn't return his feelings since she had a crush on her performing partner Gino Costa and usually ignored Massan. Massan went so far as to follow her around when she snuck out of the circus and kept tabs on Gino and his pregnant girlfriend Natalia Perez.

The Chocolate Girl In Love[]

When Rita told him that Hatchin was her boyfriend (unaware that Hatchin was actually a girl) Massan was furious and tried to intimidate Hatchin into leaving Rita alone until Hatchin told him she was actually a girl so Massan started being nice to Hatchin and offered to buy her breakfast if she put on a good word of him to Rita, only for Hatchin to reject his offer and slap him across the face.

That night, Rita used Massan's bike to ride with Hatchin to the weeping Mary statue.

Starting Line Downpour[]

While camping out on the desert, Massan was cooking his canned beef when Michiko arrived and he offered her money and his food and startled babbling about how he was following around a traveling circus to rescue Rita but Michiko simply kicked his food away and rode off on her motorcycle.

When Michiko meets Rita she asked if Massan was boyfriend and Rita reacted with disgust.

It is unknown what became of Massan now that the circus was closed and Rita was taken away to unknown places.


Massan is shown to care deeply for Rita and did about anything to win her affections and is convinced that he is the only one who can make Rita happy and that he has to "rescue" her.


Rita Ozzetti[]

Massan has a crush on Rita while Rita at first used him in an attempt to get Gino's attention but ditched him after the circus left his hometown and he ran away and followed the circus in order to win her over. He often followed her around when she snuck outside the circus' grounds. Massan is shown to hold a deep love for Rita, even though it is not returned and she made that clear to him several times yet he still refused to give up and went through great lenghts to try to get her to love him back but to no avail.


  • Massan is the only child in the series to have his first name but not his last name revealed.