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To reunite Michiko and Hatchin (succeeded)

Nei Feng-Yi is the father of Bebel. He works as a male actress.


Nei Feng-Yi lives with his son, Bebel in the dangerous neighborhood of Chinatown. Nei used to be a good for nothing alcoholic but after his wife passed away he cleaned up his act and became a good father. Bebel is very proud of his father and his job as a drag queen opera to the point where Bebel dresses and acts like a girl to be more like his father, which Nei approves of. When Nei finds Hatchin alone in the streets of Chinatown, Nei urges her to go back to her hotel before something bad happened to her but Hatchin got lost due to every sign being written in Chinese and was unable to recognize the letters so Nei took her to his home until he found her caretaker. Nei had his son serve Hatchin lunch and went out to find Michiko and the second he left the house Bebel dropped the "obedient young lady" act and started bullying Hana.