Nuno was the ringmaster of the traveling circus "Circo De Chocolate" until he and "Madame" Michiko Menezes started a human trafficking business.

History Edit

Little is known about Nuno's early life except that he and his circus troupe took Rita in when she was abandoned at the entrance of the circus' Big Top and made her their acrobat. It is implied that Nuno would often tell Gino to keep an eye on Rita.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Nuno is a rude, mean, short-tempered and violent man with little to no patience or concern for anyone. He often hit employees, adults and children alike, with a mop at the slightest provocation. He hated the idea of having children with no circus talent trying to join the circus so he started a human trafficking business to get rid of them and earn money.

Despite his selfish nature he appeared to respect his accomplice Michiko Menezes and expressed some concern for Rita as he chastised Gino for not watching over her and he didn't scold or hit Rita for wandering off after seeing the angry expression on her face, which is odd since Nuno wasn't intimidated easily.

Nuno is an afro-brazilian man with blonde hair and black eyes. He always wore clown make up. He was very short in stature, even shorter then Rita, which apparently made in insecure as he forced Gino to sit down when he was scolding him as he didn't want Gino to look down on him.