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Pepe Lima

Unknown, possibly 20's



Hair color


Eye color


Family members
  • Unnamed father (deceased)
  • Unnamed mother
  • LuLu Lima (younger sister; deceased)

Exotic Dancer (formerly)


LuLu Lima




Leave the favela and move to Sao Paraiso (failed)


Killed by Rico's henchmen

First Appearance

Stray Cat's Milky Way (Only appearance)

Voiced by

Caitlin Glass

Pepe Lima was a young exotic dancer who performed at the Rumba dance hall. She targets Michiko Malandro and Hana "Hatchin" Morenos for their I.D.s so that she and her younger sister, LuLu can travel to São Paraíso and start a new life.


Early Life

Pepe and Lulu were the daughters of a upper class couple and lived a life that Pepe described as "a fairytale" and the two sisters were treated "like princesses" until the girls' father died of unknown causes, which left her family in debt and nobody offered the grieving family any help.

Not long after, she was kicked out along with Lulu, possibly by their mother, and they had to move to the favela where Pepe became a professional exotic dancer at the nightclub "Rumba's" to support them both. Pepe dreamed of traveling to Sao Paraíso to create a better life for herself and her sister and in hopes of spitting all those who ever laughed at or looked down on her, especially her mafia "boyfriend", Rico. She was also physically abused by Rico and kept nearly all of her earnings for himself, leaving Pepe and Lulu to steal and dine-and-dash to survive.

Stray Cat Milky Way

Pepe is performing on stage at Rumba's and the loud music irritates Michiko, who went and got drunk out of anger at not having found Hiroshi. Angry and drunk, Michiko insults Pepe from the bar and storms out of the lounge, which angers Pepe as well. After Pepe's act is over, she waits for Michiko as she stumbles out of a bathroom still drunk and runs into Pepe, who trips her and drops her purse on Michiko's head before leaving.

After Michiko is kidnapped by forced to pay Rico for the trouble she caused him and a TV that someone else broke she meets Pepe again, who is with a man in a car. Pepe demands that he runs her over and tries to run her over herself, not knowing or caring that Hatchin was in harm's way and when they managed to get out of the way Pepe swore that she could kill Michiko for real if Pepe saw her again.

Later, Pepe and her little sister Lulu dine-and-dash at the restaurant where Hatchin was working after Pepe tells Hatchin she knew Hiroshi. Hatchin relays this information to Michiko and they head to Rumba's to talk to Pepe. After her performance, Pepe tells Michiko and Hatchin about her past and then challenges Michiko to a drinking contest, saying that if she loses, she'll tell Michiko what she knows. Michiko wins the contest, but Pepe is seemingly too drunk to tell her anything so an angry Michiko returns to her room where Lulu dashes out from under the bed, clutching Michiko's bag. She brings it back to Pepe's room but after searching it, regretfully tells her sister there are no I.D.'s in the bag.

Desperate for a way to get them both out and unable to afford more than one fake I.D. Pepe, with Lulu's help, robs her boss. The plan goes off without a hitch but Pepe forgets the picture she was going to use for Lulu's fake I.D. and throws a fit until Lulu goes back to get it and when she takes too long to return Pepe, worried that something happened to her sister, goes to Michiko for help and tries to beg, demand, blame and even threatens Michiko with ratting her out to the cops but Michiko stands her ground and brings up the fact that she too has a child to take care of and therefore cannot risk her own life over something that Pepe brought upon herself. Pepe finally stops and decides to surrender the money, possibly believing that Lulu was just captured and would get her back by returning the money to Rico (unaware that Rico ordered for both sisters to be killed and Lulu was most likely already dead by that point).


Pepe takes a taxi to Rico's place until it's path is blocked by three of Rico's children henchmen. The driver whispers something to Pepe, most likely asking her to get out of the car so he can escape. Realizing she can't escape her fate, Pepe gets out the taxi and solemnly walks up to the children with her head high. The boys shoot her before the scene goes black.


Pepe is a slim young woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin. For work Pepe had to wear revealing outfits, jewelery, heavy makeup and acrylic nails. She and her sister Lulu sometimes wear matching outfits (with Lulu's being more childlike).


On the surface, Pepe seems very blase, even proud of her work. She gives off much of the same attitude as Michiko, not caring what anyone else thinks and doing what she wants. Years of living in the favela made her cold and ruthless as seen when tried to run over Michiko after the latter made fun of Pepe's performance at the nightclub and only shows her soft side around Lulu.

Pepe is quite desperate to get out of her current situation and will do anything to obtain fake I.D.s for her and Lulu, whom she refuses to leave behind. She shows staunch loyalty to her younger sister and always strives to take care of her. Pepe can be quite cunning, challenging Michiko to a drinking contest to allow Lulu to sneak into their room and steal Michiko's things, dashing out of a restaurant to avoid paying, or planning the robbery against her boss, a gang leader.

However, when Pepe gets herself in trouble she prefers to blame other people instead of owning up for her mistakes as shown when she lost Lulu and blamed Michiko for not having any I.D.'s, even though Pepe was the one who let Llulu put herself in danger, and demanded Michiko helps her fix all her problems, although in the end she stops and tries to save Lulu herself, unaware that she had already died.


  • Her birthday was on March 24th.
  • Pepe and Hatchin were the only characters whose birthdays took place during the series and both died or almost died on the day or the day after (Pepe was shot to death the day after her birthday and Hatchin nearly drowned in an attempt to recover her stuff from the River Boys)
  • She liked Chinese food.
  • It is never revealed whether she knew Hiroshi, although she was most likely lying in order to lure Michiko to Rumba's to steal the I.D.'s that she assumed Michiko had.
  • As pointed out by Michiko, Lulu and Pepe bore little to no physical resemblance to each other despite being sisters.
    • Pepe and Lulu were also complete opposites in terms of personality.
  • LuLu takes after their father in appearance while Pepe takes (mostly) after their mother. The only physical traits the Lima sisters share are the tan skin and blue eyes.
  • Despite her antagonistic nature, she is one of the most popular characters in the series.
  • She is the second character to die in the series after her sister Lulu.
    • She is also the first character to be killed on-screen.
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