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River Boys


Hair color

Red, brown and black

Eye color




  • Force anyone who crosses "their" river to pay tolls
  • Bully and rob Hana (formerly)

Regreted their actions after nearly drowning Hana

First Appearance

The Rain that Falls in Monotone

The River Boys are three young preteen boys who live in a rural river settlement.

History[edit | edit source]

The Rain that Falls in Monotone[edit | edit source]

As Hatchin travels to the store by boat to buy shampoo, she is attacked by three river boys, who steal her shoes and money after she refuses to pay tolls to cross "their" river. Hatchin later tries to recover her stuff and the boys put her shoes and money in a bag and throw them in the river, telling her that if she can get them before their leader does she can have them as well as the leader's blanket and their boat. Hatchin passes out during their race and the boys, feeling guilty over the fact that their shenanigans almost got her killed, bring her back to her inn and give her back her shoes, money and the blanket she asked for but they don't let her have their boat while asking a man who was sitting in the room at the same time to apologize on their behalf before leaving.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

They are young Afro-Brazilian boys who dress in ragged clothes. Their ringleader wears only white briefs and a blanket which he later gives to Hatchin after losing a race to her.

They love to bully other children and steal from them although deep down they are not as bad as they seem since they showed remorse for their actions after Hatchin almost drowned while trying to recover the things the boys stole from her.

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