Satoshi "Daddy" Batista An old friend of Hiroshi's who assumed control of the gang "Monstro Preto". He and Hiroshi have been friends since they were children, and Hiroshi once saved his life from the original leaders of Monstro once it was discovered that Satoshi plotted to take control of the gang.


Early Life

Satoshi and Hiroshi first become friends after Hiroshi hides him inside a trashcan from his pursuers. They strike up a friendship with Satoshi telling Hiroshi that he'll become the leader of Monstro. At some point, Hiroshi saves Satoshi from being killed by the mob boss of Monstro through cutting off the power at the restaurant.

Searching for Hiroshi

Satoshi agrees to help search for Hiroshi after Hana strikes up a deal with him in exchange for him not harming Michiko. At this point, the train derails and the two coincidentally find the scooter in the same train car. They take off with Shinsuke's men in hot pursuit.

The two end up in a town that Satoshi had 10 years earlier along with Shinsuke presumably wiped out everyone and execute the local boss there. Satoshi calls Shinsuke to meet him there alone for a one-on-one fight. However, Shinsuke arrives along with some men to kill Satoshi. Satoshi manages to wipe them all out and replays the scene 10 years earlier by telling Shinsuke to survive for 10 minutes with his head in the water. Shinsuke dies and Satoshi expresses disappointment and says Shinsuke has changed.


Satoshi dies after being shot and wounded by the local crime boss Juninho with a sniper rifle while protecting Hana. Afterwards, he is severely wounded and wounds up in an alley. He is then confronted by a trio including with the crime boss where they proceed to execute him by repeatedly riddling his body with bullets..


He has a harsh and hostile demeanor and has no qualms on murdering people in cold blood. He also seems to have no problem with the idea of hurting children since he kicked Hana in the stomach when she got on his nerves.

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