Michiko to Hatchin Wiki

The episode starts on April 25th. A news reporter can be heard talking about incidents involding the police and Atsuko Jackson then changes the subject to a news reporter named Daniel Carneiro, who talks about ssome circus that lures homeless children in order to sell them in a black market.

Meanwhile, a hungry Massan is camping out in the desert, cooking canned beef when suddently Michiko Malandro arrives in her motorcycle and stops in front of him. Massan at first tries to be nice and offers her his canned beef and starts babbling about how he doesn't have much money or anything valuable except for his worn out bike and that he is just a virtuous boy who is trying to rescue an innocent girl called Rita until Michiko grows irritated by him, kicks his food away and demands to know where to go in order to locate the circus, which Massan confirms and Michiko rides away, running over Massan's food in the process.

At the Circo De Chocolate, Daniel Carneiro, accompanied by a camerawoman named Zoe, seems to have collected evidence that the circus is part of a human trafficking ring and that "those who resist are mercilessly punished" before pouring a bottle with chicken blood in a young boy's head but Zoe refuses to help him and takes the little boy with him before telling Carneiro that she is going back to Sao Paraiso while Carneiro insults her and threatens to publish pictures of her having sex.

Meanwhile, Hatchin is setting up the chairs for the upciming show, once she finishes she lays down on the floor, exhausted until Nuno throws his mop at her and accuses her of slacking before telling her to go set up posters, which she has to find herself before smacking her with his mop until she runs away and ends up crashing against a boxing kangaroo.

That afternoon, the show starts while Hatchin sits outside with a bruise on her forehead after being punched by the kangaroo from earlier when Daniel Carneiro approaches her. Hatchin tries to leave but Carneiro stops her, having noticed her injury, and asks her if she tried to run away from the circus but Hatchin refuses to answer but Carneiro insist on getting her to tell him the truth and offers her a lollipop in exchange of the truth but Hatchin has no idea what he is talking about and insists that she just got punched by a kangaroo but Carneiro still doesn't believe her and is convinced that she is being abused by the circus troupe and that he is her savior. Hatchin then reveals that she is supposed to have her picture taken tomorrow but she doesn't want to because of her bruise while Carneiro eats the lollipop he had previously offered Hatchin and gets an idea.

The next day, Hatchin is seen sitting with the other kids who also do chores but don't participate in acts in a colorful trailer full of pictures of a young woman. Hatchin then notices a portrait of the woman with her name written below; "Michiko". As on cue, an overweight woman enters the trailer and greets the children, although they remain quiet. Nuno enters seen after and demands that the kids answer the woman's question, whom he refers to as "Madame Michiko", leading Hatchin to realize she is the same woman from the photos. Outside the trailer, Daniel Carneiro tries to film the event with a camera and barely avoids getting spotted by Nuno. In the trailer, Madame Michiko is quickly drawn to Hatchin and asks if there are any tricks she can perform, which Hana denies but that she cleans and takes care of the animals. Madame Michiko seems to accept her answer and compliments her beauty while the other children shoot her jealous looks at the attention she receives. Suddently Daniel Carneiro bursts inside the trailer and tells Madame Michiko that she is done for since he "has evidence" of her crimes even though the only thing he recorded was her talking to the kids while Madame Michiko retaliates by claiming that Daniel Carneiro makes child pornography, which leaves the children shocked and she claims that she will protect the children with her body before Nuno shoots him with a tranquilizer dart and Madame Michiko wishes him goodnight before he is knocked out.

That night, Carneiro wakes up bound and gagged in a trash container in the sea during a storm. Meanwhile, Rita watches the storm while Hatchin plays with a tiger and Rita comments that Hatchin looks good in the clothes she gave Hatchin and when the latter's stomach starts growling she cooks Vatapá for herself and Rita, which the latter enjoys and tells Hana that she should become a cook. While doing the dishes, Hatchin tastes some of the food that was left in the pot and imitates Michiko complimenting Hatchin's food before her expression becomes sad. Outside the circus, some of the children are seen being loaded in a truck and taken to an unknown destination by Madame Michiko, Nuno and another clown.

The next morning, Hatchin is rudely awaken by Nuno, who throws her bag at her. He tells her that there are new kids coming so she has to tidy everything up and roughly grabs Hatchin's face and realizes that her bruise has healed so he tells her to go to the Madame's trailer after she is done, smirking. At Madame Michiko's trailer, a clown takes pictures of Hatchin and Madame Michiko tells her that that night Hatchin is going to "Wonderland", Hatchin asks if it's a theme park and Madame Michiko says yes.

After her photoshoot session is done, Hatchin returns to her tent while the other kids play pillow fight and she sits on her bed roll, clearly tired. Meanwhile, Michiko is sitting on her motorcycle in the rain, waiting for the chance to get Hatchin. The girl then wakes up to the sound of Michiko's motorcycle and leaves the tent. Michiko sinply says "I'm here" while Hatchin asks if she can at least take her sunglasses off when talking to people, which Michiko does and reveals her bruised face, leaving Hatchin slightly shocked and asking if she got into another fight but before she can answer Hatchin gets defensive and Michiko says that she simply wanted to check if she was doing alright, Hatchin tells her and that she is fine and she managed to make a friend while Michiko pokes fun of Rita's hand-me-down clothes, making Hatchin angrier and causing her to push Michiko away and telling her to leave, stepping on Michiko's sunglasses in the struggle. Hatchin then says that she likes Madame Michiko better because she is kind and treats her really well and that she hates Michiko (Malandro) and Michiko pushes her back and tells her to go back to her Madame. The two stare at each other for a moment before Hatchin backs away and runs back to the tent, Michiko tries to run after her but stumbles and grows angry for not handling the situation right.

At the children's tent, Hatchin runs into Nuno, who is now wearing a raincoat and throws one at Hatchin, telling her to put in on. Hatchin is then placed in the truck along with the other kids yet as soon as the truck starts moving something punctures the truck's wheels and Daniel Carneiro appears once again, boasting about how he saved the kids but all the kids simply run past him and up to Madame Michiko. Carneiro tells the children to coem to him until Nuno knocks him out once again. Madame Michiko then destroys Carneiro's camera and tells Nuno to prepare the hot air balloon despite his warning that it is unsafe to use it in a stormy night. Meanwhile, Michiko walks near the truck when she spots Hatchin being taken to the hot air balloon and Carneiro appears next to her while swearing that he will rescue the children from Michiko Menezes, leading to Michiko feeling offended that Hatchin could prefer such an ugly woman over her and despite her injuries she decides to get Hatchin back.

Meanwhile, Nuno and Madame Michiko are having trouble getting the balloon to go any higher due to the weight limit but Madame Michiko protests that they can let the children off since they haven't been paid yet and Hatchin realizes what is going on. Carneiro suddently jumps into the balloon's basket but is once again shot by Nuno with a dart and thrown into the beach, which provides Hatchin with enough time to push all the other kids from the basket and calls out Madame Michiko for lying and trying to sell her and the other kids. Michiko (Malandro) quickly runs towards the balloon to rescue Hatchin and grabs onto the basket's rope while Madame Michiko orders Nuno to shoot the woman while she holds onto Hatchin but it has no effect since the only darts left are for small animals and Hatchin frees herself by bitting Madame Michiko. Michiko Malandro then grabd Hatchin and declares that she is her one and only Michiko before throwing her off the balloon and into the beach while her namesake beats her for messing with her "precious merchandise" Michiko manages to hold her own since she is first class fighter and refuses to let Nuno and Madame Michiko get away so her namesake keeps shooting her with darts and hitting her with the rifle when Hatchin arrives to the lighthouse, jumps into the balloon and kicks Madame Michiko square in the face, throws the rifle into the ocean and tries to get Michiko to climb up the basket but Michiko, who is half awake due to getting shoot with too many darts, tells her that they should jump into the ocean and while she has her dbouts, Hatchin does as she is told and jumps with Michiko into the sea just as a thunder strikes the balloon, with Nuno and Madame Michiko still inside.

The following morning, the police arrives to the circus and arrest Nuno, Madame Michiko and their accomplice, with Madame Michiko bawling her eyes out as she is subdued and Carneiro taking pictures of everything, finally getting the scoop he so much wanted. At the beach, Hatchin, who washed up at the beach, wakes up with Michiko wishing her good morning. The two make up before Rita runs up to Hatchin. Michiko then asks if she is really named Rita since a boy named Massan was looking for her and sks if he is her boyfriend, which makes Rita angry and disgusted. Upon remembering Hana is present she bids her friend goodbye since the circus has been closed and she has to leave but assures her that they will see each other again. As Rita runs away she waves at Hatchin one last time while Michiko gently places a hand in Hatchin's head and tells her that it's time to go.