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The Brown Sugar Outlaw (掟破りのブラウンシュガー)[]

The episode starts off with a flash back from 12 years ago, with Michiko being carted off in a police van to Diamandra. Atsuko sits in the front where a small T.V. is on filming the van and explaining Michiko's crimes for being caught. Atsuko then antagonises her. Michiko responds by sticking her tounge out at he, and in return Atsuko pulls down the windows blinder. 

When they arrive at the prision Michiko is put through an interrogation. It ends in a fight of Atsuko pulling hair and Michiko doing the most while in handcuffs, tripping and kicking Atsuko. The two were broken up by the prison guards who beat Michiko as Atsuko gets up. As Michiko is helped back to her cell, they walk past a guards room thats T.V. reports of a bus explosion and the offical death of one rider, Hiroshi Morenos. Michiko is in shock and cannot believe it.

Now we go aback to the present. Atsuko is in a polic car with her partner Ricardo as other cars follow. As they are driving they get a report over the radio of a hold up by a person who is possibly Michiko. They arrive and Atsuko takes down the person by herself with a whip. The person is not Michiko, making Atsuko mad and treating the woman as if she was Michiko.